Command Alkon Incorporated Data Sub-Processors

Product Sub-Processors:

Sub-Processor Description of Processing Location(s) Product(s)
Amazon Web Services Cloud data storage U.S. and EU TrackIt, Command Alkon Dispatch (f/k/a Connex), MOBILEsales, MOBILEticket, MOBILEjobsite, Ticket Accounting (f/k/a TicketPro), Command Alkon Load Assurance (f/k/a COMMANDassurance); Customer Portal
Zello Inc. Push-to-talk wireless communications U.S. TrackIt
42Gears Mobility SureMDM Mobile device management U.S. and India TrackIt
Whatfix User surveys India Command Alkon Dispatch (f/k/a Connex)
Rockset Data index provider U.S. Command Alkon Dispatch (f/k/a Connex)
MongoDB/Atlas Database program/data storage U.S. and Ireland MOBILEsales, MOBILEticket, MOBILEjobsite
Mailchimp E-mail communications U.S. MOBILEsales, MOBILEticket, MOBILEjobsite,
Google LLC Google cloud messaging mobile SDK notifications/maps and OCR U.S. TrackIt, Command Alkon Dispatch (f/k/a Connex), Ticket Accounting (f/k/a TicketPro)
Apple, Inc. Apple push notification service mobile SDK notifications U.S. TrackIt, Command Alkon Dispatch (f/k/a Connex)
Tableau/Salesforce Visualization and page generator U.S. Command Alkon Dispatch (f/k/a Connex); Command Alkon Load Assurance (f/k/a COMMANDassurance)
Microsoft Azure Reporting through PowerBI U.S. Command Alkon Dispatch (f/k/a Connex)
Mailgun Technologies, Inc. Outbound e-mail communications U.S. Ticket Accounting (f/k/a TicketPro)
Cloudinary Ltd. Image CDN/optimization U.S. Ticket Accounting (f/k/a TicketPro)
Heroku, Inc. Data storage U.S. Ticket Accounting (f/k/a TicketPro)
OCR.Space OCR Germany Ticket Accounting (f/k/a TicketPro)
Plivo, Inc. SMS messaging U.S. Ticket Accounting (f/k/a TicketPro)

General Command Alkon Business Sub-Processors:

Sub-Processor Description of Processing Location(s)
Google, Inc. Cloud provider and analytics U.S. and EU
Microsoft Corp. Cloud provider, communications, and D365 platform U.S. and EU, Inc. Customer relations management U.S.
OpsGenie Support operations U.S.
Genesyscloud Support operations U.S.
Cloudcraft Support operations U.S.
Elastic Cloud Support operations U.S.
SumoLogic Support operations U.S.
New Relic Support operations U.S. Support operations U.S., Ireland and Germany
Auth0 Integration authentication U.S. and Ireland
Statuscast Uptime reporting U.S.
Dell Boomi Integration platform U.S. and UK
Cookiebot Cookie permissions management Denmark
Pardot Marketing automation U.S.
cVent Event management U.S.
Unbounce Landing page generator Canada
SurveyMonkey Customer surveys U.S. and EU
OptinMonster Cloud-based marketing automation U.S.
Olark Customer Service Chat U.S.
Jotform Form building U.S.
Calendly Scheduling automation platform U.S.
Command Alkon Affiliates CAI customer support U.S., Colombia, India, Malaysia

Updated: 09/12/23

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