Get the Most Out of Your Fleet


Get the Most Out of Your Fleet

Eliminate Paper Timesheets

Monitor Performance

Capture Electronic Logs and Vehicle Inspections

Track Your Fleet

Eliminate paper timesheets, monitor driver and fleet performance, fully automate delivery statusing, capture electronic logs and vehicle inspections, manage 3rd party haulers, and more.

man in truck cab touching a touch screen tablet


Incorporate driver navigation and communications. Evaluate driver and fleet performance. Capture fully automated statusing of your ready mix or bulk delivery cycle and enable vehicle diagnostics, proactive scheduling of maintenance and more.


Force compliance with FMCSA’s regulations for electronic driver logs and empower your drivers with any easy way to capture pre and post-trip inspection reports that are immediately delivered to the shop for prioritization.

man holding trackit tablet

“TrackIt allowed us to schedule our work load and accurately predict when a truck would arrive on a job site or return to the plant. It gave us the necessary tools to plan our day ahead instead of flying by the seat of our pants. It more than paid for itself within the first year of use.”

– Tracy Dobson, Operations Manager, Osco Concrete

tablet inside the cab of a truck showing pour status


​Fully automate your ready mix delivery cycle to capture begin pour, end of pour, loading, loaded, and wash statuses. Include a water added meter to capture accurate water added data to fully understand the quality perspective of each and every load.


Put your engine data to use and empower proactive scheduling of maintenance and give your fleet managers the tools they need to perform remote diagnostics and monitor the health and safety of fleet assets.

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Save on Engine Performance


Truck Fleet


Fuel Usage Savings


Month Timeframe

Extend Your Value

Drive decisions with critical data from anywhere with cloud-based dispatching

Delivering transparency into order information to Customers from a simple mobile application

Digitize all your tickets for any inbound load at the plant, on the jobsite, and in the office

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