Early Adopter

Become an Early Adopter.


Become an Early Adopter.

Be the Change You Want to See in the Industry

Becoming a part of our Early Adopter Program community means you contribute to the continued development of the industry leading technology stack for heavy building materials. We know that no one knows what the industry needs better than you, our customers. We would love to join forces and create products and features that are 100% guaranteed to benefit you and the entire industry.

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Command Alkon’s Early Adopter Program (EAP) is open to existing customers, allowing them to test drive new features, modules, and technologies and provide feedback on usability, functionality and performance. This program provides an opportunity to work one-on-one with Command Alkon software developers and product managers to build and refine effective industry solutions.


EAP members will be qualified for Early Adopter pricing in exchange for their contribution to improving our products.

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The EAP community has access to innovations before they are available to the broader industry. EAP members will be included in product planning and educational sessions available only to the EAP community.

Get Connected to the EAP Community

Step 1
Sign up to become a member of our early adopter community and identify the markets, solutions, and features you are interested in collaborating on.

Step 2
Wait to hear from our one of our early adopter liaisons to validate the criteria for the areas of the community you wish to engage in and get you connected to the community.

Step 3
Once qualified as a good fit for the Early Adopter Community, participate in a live demonstration of the evolving technology of interest and provide initial feedback.

Step 4
Formalize your participation in the EAP Community and establish guidelines for pilots and EAP pricing.

Early Adopter Program

EAP community members have the opportunity to be invited to participate in our Innovation Advisory Board, helping provide more strategic input to the development of technology solutions for the future.

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