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Automation & Visibility

Stop spending time manually creating jobs and maintaining special pricing.

TrackIt offers real-time visibility into your fleet while mapping of individual trucks
lets you analyze jobs, routes, productivity, and performance.

Provide access to truck location, speed, and traffic, combined with plant, quarry, and job specific geofences.

Monitor driver behavior and fleet maintenance needs and recapture driver nonproductive time.

Analyze fuel usage, monitor vehicle health, and implement procedures to maximize use of your assets.

There's a value in TrackIt for everyone

For Drivers

Drivers know exactly how to get to their destinations and avoid construction and high-traffic areas.

For Dispatchers

Dispatchers can plan smart routes and send the right vehicle at the right time based on the location of each vehicle in the fleet.

For Fleet Management

Fleet managers can see bottom line improvements through miles and fuel cost savings, as well as decreased idle time that results when vehicles are dispatched and driven efficiently.

TrackIt for Ready Mix

1. In-cab TrackIt Tablet

2. Amplified Speaker plus microphone*

3. Delivery Cycle Monitoring Components: Drum Rotation Sensor Assembly & Drum Sensing Magnets*

4. Delivery Cycle Monitoring Water Meter*

5. Delivery Cycle Monitoring Sensor Link*

Engine Data Connector* (EDC)

*optional add on 

TrackIt for Bulk

1. In-cab TrackIt Tablet
2. Amplified Speaker plus microphone*
. Engine Data Connector* (EDC)
*optional add on 

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Designed specifically for heavy building materials suppliers and haulers. 
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Be More Efficient With Your Ready Mix Loads

TrackIt offers GPS fleet tracking and telematics, as well as fleet and workforce management. Built specifically for heavy building materials suppliers and haulers, TrackIt is made to work for you!

TrackIt for Bulk FlyerTrackIt for Ready Mix Flyer

Having visibility creates an enormous ability to maintain our trucks, keep them operational, keep them on the road as much as we possibly can, and plan ahead. 

Paul Hardison | 37 Trucking

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TrackIt Delivery Cycle Monitoring

Capture drum speed and direction data automatically and accurately design Begin Pour, End Pour, Loading, Loaded and Wash statuses as well as calculate wait time within the TrackIt system.

Download DCM Specs

Create a fleet management experience that works for you

Combine TrackIt core functionally into a single subscription based price model that eases managment and liences into one bundle.

Download TrackIt Bundle and all Specs

Where does the TrackIt Hardware Live?

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Designed specifically for heavy building materials suppliers and haulers.