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GOOD NEWS!  Even though our FREE eTicketing Essentials offer required you to sign up by June 30th, you can still receive eTickets for free through the end of 2020 from your Materials Suppliers that signed up in time and are now CONNEX Connected!

What is CONNEX Essentials?

CONNEX Essentials includes eTickets and eProof of Delivery (ePOD) made available in real-time, via the CONNEX Platform, from material ticketing and dispatch systems in use in the field. Hop on-board the digital construction materials supply chain with this core eTicketing and ePOD functionality.  Get a glimpse of the value of having real-time visibility into each load’s journey across the full procure to pay lifecycle.

Getting Tickets to and from the CONNEX Platform

To eTicket via the CONNEX Platform, materials suppliers with existing Command Alkon ticketing and dispatch systems install a CONNEX connector behind the scenes, with minimal to no disruption to existing work flows. Material Suppliers can allow their Buyers to connect, share ticket data, and digitally collaborate on projects. Inversely, Buyers can connect and request their Suppliers to share their ticket data.
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HCSS Trucking App ties CONNEX eTicket data to HCSS Heavy Work

When the HCSS Trucking App is used alongside Command Alkon’s eTicketing Essentials, users receive electronic tickets for both materials and trucks all in one place and delivers tickets to HCSS’ HeavyJob .  To learn more about how CONNEX Essentials works with the HCSS Trucking application, please contact HCSS at (800) 683-3196 or click the link below.

HCSS Trucking Application

Integrate with Doc Express®


Elevate your e-Ticketing workflow by feeding your ticket information into Doc Express®, a paperless contracting solution created by our partner, Infotech. Use Doc Express alongside the CONNEX platform to store ticket data in an easily searchable database with filters for contract, material type, data range, and submitter.

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