CONNEX Dispatch

Avoid waste, eliminate manual tasks, and improve productivity.

CONNEX Dispatch

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CONNEX Ready Mix Dispatch
Connect sales, operations, production, quality control and all field personnel with what’s going on in real-time. Reduce costly infrastructure needs while you simplify and improve integrations to your business systems.


Order Entry
✔ Ticketing
✔ Scheduling
✔ Truck Route Travel Time
✔ Field Experience
✔ Mix Management
✔ DOT eTicketing

Take Your Dispatch to the Cloud
Power your dispatch operations and team with access
dispatch from anywhere. 


Immediate schedule for all to see
Continuously updates based on your schedule
Order modeling
Reduce delivery costs
Improve service


Drag and drop simplicity
Integration to batching reduces mistakes
Integration to telematics keeps 
driver informed
Automatic application of Sundry charges
Easily track progress of orders 
and tickets
Conforms to all DOT eTicketing specs


Plant, central or combo dispatch models
Plant and truck availability
React quickly to jobsite changes
Excess time-in-status alerts
User configurable windows

Field Experience

Any user can access the business from anywhere
Dispatch, Drivers, Sales, Operation, QC, and Production
Can also be shared with customers

Back Office

Ticket Prep allows assignment of additional products or charges 

Export to CSV for easy import into Accounting
Also available via API for Accounting integration


✔ Telematics Integration
✔ COMMANDbatch Integration
✔ Zip-Tax
✔ Accounting Integration
✔ MOBILEticket Powered by CONNEX 

Access your business from anywhere

Simplify integrations
to ERP systems

Reduce spend on infrastructure

Order Entry

Simple and fast
Optimized for keyboard entry
Automatic geocoding of delivery address
Automatic truck travel time from plant to job
Audit record changes
Flexible pricing engine 

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