Customer Portal

Simple Mobile App – Transparent Customer Order Information

Customer Portal

Simple Mobile App – Transparent Customer Order Information

Simple Mobile Application


Streamline Order Management

Delivery Status Visibility

Helping You, to Help Your Customers

​Customer Portal enables your customers to create, manage, and track their orders 24 hours a day while dramatically reducing unnecessary phone calls. Customers gain real-time visibility into their orders and deliveries through a cloud-based mobile application.

Elevate Your Customer’s Experience and Streamline Your Operations

Users can place orders directly to dispatch from a phone or tablet and have insight into when the truck leaves the plant and truck location throughout the delivery process to improve planning and utilization while reducing customer friction.

Up to a 30% decrease in customer calls to check on order and delivery status while enabling better control of delivery schedules without the hassle of last-minute cancellations and phone calls.

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Improve Resource Allocation and Job Management

In today’s environment, it is critical to adjust quickly. With Customer Portal you have Instant access to order KPIs across your organization. By sharing results, you can have more productive conversations between stakeholders and identify opportunities for business process improvements.

Extend Your Value

Drive decisions with critical data from anywhere with cloud-based dispatching

Delivering transparency into order information to Customers from a simple mobile application

Digitize all your tickets for any inbound load at the plant, on the jobsite, and in the office

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