Software for Construction's Heavy Materials & Trucking

CONNEX Jobsite

Digitize 100% of your paper tickets

Reap the Value of Digital on Every Project

  • Digitize workflows for tracking all materials and trucking
  • Know your daily material quantities and job costs in real-time
  • Automatically reconcile invoices and ensure accurate payables

CONNEX Jobsite

Gain efficiency and visibility in the field and at the office for all of your heavy materials deliveries and hauling activities.  Validate that you are paying for what you receive, speed up your payables processes, and know where your projects stand each and every day on materials and trucking costs.

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    Have immediate insight into your material and hauling costs.  View your dashboard by cost cost or material.  Understand hourly hauling costs and compare budgets to actual and unit cost variances in real-time.

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    Capture immediate visibility in the field to material and hauling tickets generated, deliveries in route, and loads accepted at the jobsite.  View real-time ticket data throughout the day and eliminate chasing paper tickets and haul sheets from field to office.

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    Our automated invoice reconciliation technology matches digital tickets with invoices in minutes, not hours.  Catch duplicate and missing tickets and those that have already been invoiced.  Take advantage of automated back office workflows, realtime accruals and integration to all industry recognized accounting platforms.


“With CONNEX Jobsite, the logistics of ticketing and paying for materials as well as communications with our suppliers is greatly improved.  We can all work remotely yet see the same information from a single source.”

David Romero Garcia


Ferrovial Construction CONNEX Jobsite
CONNEX Jobsite


Contractors – no more second guessing on where you stand with your spend on project costs every day. CONNEX Jobsite allows you to take control of your costs each and every day with electronic workflows that keep your spend and payables in sync with jobsite progress.

CONNEX Jobsite


Eliminate tedious, manual tasks of matching paper with paper with paper.  Digitize 100% of your incoming material and haul tickets and invoices and let CONNEX Jobsite match and validate each and every ticket with the corresponding costs codes and invoices.

CONNEX Jobsite


Transform the way you interact with your materials suppliers and haulers – in the field and at the office. eTicketing, Electronic Proof of Delivery, eTest, electronic order requests and more.  CONNEX Jobsite is the easy way for building contractors to optimize planning, production, and payment processes for your inbound heavy materials deliveries.


Eliminate the paper


Of vendor tickets digitized

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