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Libra Solutions
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"The primary reasons for choosing a company’s product are usability and customer service /support. Libra Systems’ loadout and batching systems have proven to be effective solutions for our asphalt plants."

John Farno | IT Manager | The Shelly Company, a CRH Company

Seamless Production, Loadout, and Ticketing

Libra removes disconnects across your operations with accurate production and loadout controls tied directly to scale ticketing operations and simple automation technologies that get trucks loaded quickly and back on the road.


Libra Asphalt Batch Controls
Data is the name of the game. The more you have, the easier it is to make smart, strategic decisions. With Libra Asphalt Batch Controls you receive continuous insight into your batch, loadout, and scale ticketing operations to make intelligent decisions that keep your plants running efficiently and your loading and ticketing operations streamlined. Download Flyer >>

Libra Asphalt Drum Controls
Let Libra Asphalt Drum Controls “watch” your plant all the time, alarming the operator of potential issues before they become full-scale problems or notifying of preventive maintenance windows to prevent plant downtime. Enjoy a complete visualized approach to monitoring your plant at all times. Download Flyer >>


Libra site automation

Boost the speed, efficiency, and safety of your asphalt operations. Download our spec sheets for Libra's Automation Solutions. 

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Silo Loadout System

Libra's Silo Loadout System stops accidents before they happen. Learn More >>

Reduce truck time

Average truck loads per week increased with Libra while measuring a 35% decrease in truck time at the plant.

Loading & Ticketing

Libra Scale Ticketing
Automate your scale ticketing process with simple and flexible user software that ties directly to the scale head. Download Flyer >>

Libra Overhead Loadout
Improve accuracy and control of loadout activities to ensure minimum waste and maximum efficiency.
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Extend your value

Libra Enterprise Services
Office, IT, and management personnel can maintain information in real time, make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute, company-wide data on current and historical transactions. Download Flyer >>

Libra Web Services
Libra Web Services offers Web Alerts and Web Reports to provide real-time information to management and to customers. Download Flyer >>

Libra Security
Mitigate the risk of theft by monitoring manual loadout or batching, adding to a load after weights have been captured for a ticket, disconnection of the Digital Weight Indicator, and exiting the batching program/turning off the computer. 
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Libra Remote Access
Connect to Libra Asphalt Batch with ease with the Remote Access Client (RAC). While the user is prevented from performing any control operations, the RAC can be used to access the database of the software from anywhere to view reports, change the setup, and configure ticket file exporting. 
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Before Libra

After Libra


Average truck loads per week increased with Libra while measuring a 35% decrease in truck time at the plant.

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