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Real-time Data For Ready Mix

Capture visibility into exactly what’s going on inside the drum of your ready mix truck. Be in the know all the way to the jobsite on –

  • Slump
  • Temperature
  • W/C Ratio
  • Water Added
  • Drum Speed
  • Volume

What’s Included?

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    Display Board

    The Display Board is mounted directly behind the cab of the truck, giving the driver and jobsite participants clear visibility into exactly what’s arrived onsite.

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    In-Cab Tablet

    The In-Cab Tablet gives your driver real-time data of the properties of your concrete from the time of loading to pour.

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    Sensor Link

    The Sensor Link is mounted inside the cab of your truck and adapts signals from IoT devices, including the COMMANDassurance probe, for transmission to the cloud.

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    Solar Panel

    The Solar Panel is typically mounted in the hatch, with the probe attached on the inside of the drum, providing direct power to the probe at all times

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    The Probe is the key to the COMMANDassurance system. Mounted inside the drum of the ready mix truck, it comes in direct contact with the material to allow for calculation of slump and temperature.

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    Water Meter (optional)

    Incorporate additional data on water added to allow for calculation of W/C ratio.


“With COMMANDassurance, I can watch a load and monitor slump, temperature, and water-added during the entire lifecycle of the product being on our trucks from 100+ miles away, and know almost exactly, if not more than I would know if I was standing beside the truck without this technology.”

Austin Davis

Wayne Davis Concrete


​Fresh insights into your fresh concrete helps you make adjustments to your next production cycle at the source. Let the data from each delivery improve the next load before it leaves the plant.  And capture historical data for use by QC in optimizing mix designs and dispute resolution.


    • Give your fleet manager a break. With very minimal hardware, installation time is minimal and maintaining a fleet of hardware is simplistic.

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