CONNEX Ticket Portal

100% Digital Tickets from Any Source

Eliminate tedious, manual tasks of matching paper with paper, searching for lost tickets, and waiting on paper tickets to return to the office. Use a simple connector to pass tickets from your Command Alkon point of sale systems to the CONNEX cloud or use a mobile app or scanner to get paper tickets from any system into CONNEX. Then share your digital ticket data with your customers for real-time access from our browser based portal or mobile app.

Electronic Proof of Delivery & eTest Data

Receive immediate notification of load acceptance from the field and receive test data and appended images directly from any jobsite. Data on each and every load is continuously refreshed with the most current information from the field. Don’t be satisfied flying blind any longer.

“We poured 200-300 yards of concrete last week and it went to many different projects. We were able to link the tickets to the platform, login, and make internal notes on individual tickets, saving me a lot of time.”

Casey Lawson, Sensible Concrete

CONNEX Workspace & Insights

Take advantage of the quick snapshot of your ticket data provided by the CONNEX workspace, available in both web view and mobile view. Learn the real power of CONNEX Insights with an Essential Analytics package that provides high level data perspectives and allows you to drill down and through the details all in a single platform experience.

Your Ticket Data. New Flexibility

Your data is just that – your data. CONNEX delivers the ability to import and export your ticket data and enables an Application Programming Interface (API) that empowers you to work with your ticket data in any way you want.