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Know Your Material + Haul Costs – Daily

Contractors – no more second guessing on where you stand with your spend on project costs every day. CONNEX Jobsite allows you to take control of your costs each and every day with electronic workflows that keep your spend and payables in sync with jobsite progress.

Automatic Invoice Reconciliation – Oh Yeah!

Eliminate tedious, manual tasks of matching paper with paper with paper.  Digitize 100% of your incoming material and haul tickets and invoices and let CONNEX Jobsite match and validate each and every ticket with the corresponding costs codes and invoices.

Boost Your Productivity

Transform the way you interact with your materials suppliers and haulers – in the field and at the office. eTicketing, Electronic Proof of Delivery, eTest, electronic order requests and more.  CONNEX Jobsite is the easy way for building contractors to optimize planning, production, and payment processes for your inbound heavy materials deliveries.



Our costs have to be accrued for accuracy. The way that we can see if we’re over budget on a daily basis is by accruing daily. We don’t want to wait until the end of the month and have $100,000 worth of concrete hit and then realize that we’re way over budget. We’re excited that we can now automatically perform that work with CONNEX Jobsite.”

Jarrod LaRocco, BOND Civil & Utility
CONNEX Jobsite

Proof of Delivery And Peace Of Mind

Thanks to real-time cloud based connectivity, CONNEX Jobsite delivers A+ ePOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery). Confirm materials have been delivered in the field via mobile devices and tablets or back in the office, putting an end to loads paid for, but not delivered.

Truck Jams Reduced

With Just-In-Time (JIT) supply chain management, total costs are lowered by rewarding driver punctuality and providing transparency. Track-and-trace features help avoid long wait times by providing real-time verification that predetermined load and delivery times are being met.

CONNEX Jobsite Mastery


Need daily insight into project costs, including materials and transportation? Discover how CONNEX Jobsite’s online tools connect contractors with suppliers and haulers and automatically track tickets, job costs, and more.

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