Operational Analytics for Heavy Building Materials

CONNEX Insights

Close the Gap Between Data and Decisions

Your Data Always at Your Fingertips

  • Consolidated analytics platform
  • Valuable drill-down capabilities
  • Measure and analyze across your operations and projects
  • Desktop and mobile friendly
“To achieve the same results without the Insights dashboards, we would have to have somebody sorting through the data all day, every day to stay on top of it. With CONNEX Insights, I can pull the dashboards up and have the reporting done in an hour, when otherwise it would be a continuous one-person job to keep all the data sorted how you need to and use it that way.”

Austin Davis

Wayne Davis Concrete


Let your data tell you a story.  One that you can follow from start to finish.  Rich, automated, explorable data available through your tablet, from your mobile phone, or accessible through your web browser at any time.  No more digging through reports and spreadsheets – all the data you need consolidated, from a 30,000 foot view all the way down to the ticket and load level detail.


Make decisions based on up-to-the minute information using dashboards and drill-down for your Operational Key Performance Indicators.  No more off-the-shelf solutions or customized toolsets that require hours of slicing and dicing.  CONNEX Insights draws information directly from your major point of sale and business systems and presents data views that are specific to players in the construction materials supply chain.


Dashboards are constantly being fed and refreshed with current operational data based on changes in supplier on-premise dispatch, ticketing, and production systems, IoT devices on delivery vehicles, and mobile app inputs from the field. Data is cleansed automatically to disregard data outliers that skew trends and throw off operational metrics.


Beyond base operational insights centered around transactional data for materials suppliers, haulers, and buyers, insights are available for deeper dives into TrackIt System Fleet Health and Troubleshooting, COMMANDassurance Opportunity Savings.  Additional platform insights deliver platform adoption statistics and Material & Haul Cost Insights for contractors and/or project owners using our CONNEX Jobsite Solutions stack.


Insights leverages both current and historical data – served up to operational teams and decision makers when they need it, not the next day or next month when it is too late. Always accessible from tablets, smartphones as well as your desk.  Let CONNEX Insights close the gap between data and decisions!

Eliminate the paper


Of construction companies have inefficiencies with manual data

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