CONNEX Inbound Materials

Automate Your Inbound – Just Like Your Outbound!

Managing your inbound deliveries with lots of paper and spreadsheet?  Why not place the same emphasis on optimizing your inbound delivery processes as you do your outbound?  The opportunity for cost savings and productivity improvements here is boundless.

Automatic Inventory Updates & Invoice Reconciliation – Oh Yeah!

Eliminate tedious, manual tasks of matching paper with paper with paper.  Digitize 100% of your incoming material and haul tickets and invoices and let CONNEX Jobsite match and validate each and every ticket with the corresponding costs codes and invoices and update inventory to production.

CONNEX Jobsite

Boost Your Productivity

Transform the way you interact with your raw materials suppliers and haulers – in the field and at the office. eTicketing, Electronic Proof of Delivery, electronic order requests and more.  CONNEX Inbound Materials is the easy way for ready mix and asphalt producers to optimize planning, production, and payment processes for your inbound raw materials deliveries.

We don’t want to chase paper.  We at Lauren Concrete touched a million pieces of paper last year. Once we didn’t rely on that paper that freed up a lot of people to do other things.  We kept the tickets for awhile just in case we needed it.  Now we know, we don’t need it.

Ryan Bartholomew, Lauren Concrete

Know Your Material + Haul Costs – Daily

No more second guessing on where you stand with your spend on raw materials and hauling every day. CONNEX Inbound Materials allows you to take control of your costs each and every day with electronic workflows that keep your spend and payables in sync with daily production demand.

Truck Jams Reduced

With Just-In-Time (JIT) supply chain management, total costs are lowered by rewarding driver punctuality and providing transparency. Track-and-trace features help avoid long lines of trucks and paying for wait time while ensuring that stockpiles are replenished when needed and materials are there when you production demands them.


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