Quality Control for Dispatch Decision Making

​COMMANDoptimize helps dispatchers evaluate all the information they need about orders, trucks, plants, and other variables to make unbiased recommendations on how to best utilize resources.

​Increase Productivity with Finite Sources

The facts: 11% of each pour is fixed costs. The remaining 89% is variable costs, including materials, plant operations, and delivery. Optimize those variables and generate more profit.

As Good As It Gets – Not Really

Dispatch decisions are complex. Lots of variables at play. Always planning and replanning. The human brain can process about 50 variables at once, COMMANDoptimize can juggle millions of facts and recommend a decision that will save you time and dollars.

Investing in optimization, the best technology available to our industry, is a natural next step.

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Oliver Brooks, General Manager, Martin Marietta

Change Your Mindset

COMMANDoptimize ensures you receive the greatest productivity from each truck and driver every day. The average driver has three hours of nonproductive time every day— a large opportunity for improvement with enhanced decision making.

COMMANDoptimize Mastery

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