​Boost Your Productivity

Transform the way you interact with your suppliers and haulers. BuildIt is the easy way for building contractors to optimize planning, production, and payment processes for your inbound material deliveries.

See The Full Picture – Daily

​From order and waste management to trucking timecards and material reporting. Know the information you need to know each and every day so you can truly track job costs and make adjustments before it is too late.

Automated Ticket Entry: Yes!

BuildIt automates ticket entry for you in real time. No more paper signatures or ticket entry spreadsheets. But the best part? Make invoice approval and payment processing almost automatic.

“One of the beauties of BuildIt is that there’s no manual ticket entry. Everything’s automated on the fly on a minute by minute basis. Plus, there’s no risk of loss. They’re just all in the system automatically. As soon as the truck leaves the plant.”

Superintendent, Top 5 Global Contractor

Proof of Delivery And Peace Of Mind

Thanks to real-time cloud based connectivity BuildIt delivers A+ POD (proof of delivery). Confirm material have been delivered in the field via mobile devices and tablets or back in the office, putting an end to loads paid for, but not delivered.

Truck Jams Reduced

With Just-In-Time (JIT) supply chain management, total costs are lowered by rewarding driver punctuality and providing transparency. Track-and-trace features help avoid long wait times by providing real-time verification that predetermined load and delivery times are being met.



Fleet and workforce management for the heavy building materials industry.

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Paperless ticketing and proof of delivery.

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Visibility into fresh concrete properties from load to pour.

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Real-time insight into all your material deliveries from a single app.

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Account, order and delivery information portal for your customers.

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