Production & QC

​Automation is Key

​Replace manual and complex tasks with streamlined and simplified processes. Guarantee quality, enhance production of asphalt and ready mix concrete, and increase efficiency—not to mention customer satisfaction.

Deliver Profits

When you provide quality consistently, you build trust and ensure profitability. Less time spent reworking and more time spent growing your business.

Proactively Address Problems

​When you can address a situation before it becomes a problem, you save time, resources, and materials. Enjoy alerts before that allow you to manage exceptions and stay ahead of the game.

“One of the things that attracted us to Command Alkon is that they have different modules that work together and talk together all the way from production, to invoicing, allowing us to capture information all along the way. We were able to reduce our order to cash process by 2/3 just automating it through batch control systems.”

Hank Hauge, Technical Services Engineer, Strata Inc.


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