Outbound Materials Management

Take Your Supply Chain Digital

Remove Paper. Remove Headaches.

Stop shuffling paper and start making decisions that improve efficiency, promote growth, and build trust with your customers.

MOBILEsales Desktop

Improve Communications and Collaboration

Eliminate tedious phone calls and emails and keep you and your customers on the same page every moment of the day with real-time information on a load-by-load basis.

Enable Insights that Drive Performance

With data from all of your transactions flowing into the cloud you can unleash a new layer of analytics that allow you to see the big picture and also drill down to the details in a single, unified platform.

We don’t want to chase paper.  We at Lauren Concrete touched a million pieces of paper last year. Once we didn’t rely on that paper that freed up a lot of people to do other things.  We kept the tickets for awhile just in case we needed it.  Now we know, we don’t need it.

Ryan Bartholomew, Lauren Concrete


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