eTicketing, invoice reconciliation, and truck tracking

Stop tracking down paper tickets, catch costly invoice errors in seconds, and see where all your trucks are in real-time.

Get tickets instantly 

  • Electronic proof of delivery with TicketPro mobile app

  • Automatically receive quarry tickets with ScaleSync

  • Ruckit Assist extracts ticket data and calculates hours

  • Submit dirt, aggregate, concrete, asphalt, pipe, small tools & temporary material tickets

  • Find old tickets with the click of a button

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Identify overages before its too late

  • Real-time quantities for each material on every project

  • Daily production summary by project, material and truck

  • Automatically calculate yield for each material

  • Customizable load conversion rates

  • Keep less productive trucks off your job

Track trucks in real-time

  • See when all drivers have started working

  • See the location and status of every truck on a map

  • Monitor cycle times and manage spacing

  • Hold all drivers accountable throughout the day

"My favorite feature is the auto assign drivers from the previous day. Drag and drop dispatching is great, but when we have 35 to 40 drivers on a job, I can just hit that button to auto assign and it makes my life easier."

Francisco Chavez | Panther Transportation

Match tickets to invoices like magic

  • Import tickets from Dropbox, your computer, or use the scanner integration

  • Ruckit Assist extracts the data from the invoices

  • Automatically match invoices to tickets

  • Detect missing, duplicate, and already invoiced tickets

  • Searchable record of all invoices for easy auditing

This Is Everything!

Minimal hardware to install and maintain

Extend the value of Ruckit with TicketPro

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Track and react in real-time

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