Increase your visibility

Connect your trucks, pavers, and crews with one solution to schedule and pay with precision.

Accurate pay for verified work

  • Save $25,000 per month for every 50 trucks by scheduling and paying drivers by the minute

  • Verify and correct driver timesheets using a combination of GPS and ticket time stamps

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Keep trucks on schedule

  • Stagger your trucks to minimize overpaying for trucks queued up at the plant and jobsite

  • Alert the crew and transportation managers when a truck is falling behind

Gain Insights without a large investment

  • Drivers just download a free app to their smartphone, no hardware to install in trucks

  • Tracking, loading, unloading, and route data for owned and third-party trucks

  • Cut out poor directions and extended routes with accurate GPS dispatching

"My favorite feature is the auto assign drivers from the previous day. Drag and drop dispatching is great, but when we have 35 to 40 drivers on a job, I can just hit that button to auto assign and it makes my life easier."

Francisco Chavez | Panther Transportation

Streamline inventory control and accounts payable

  • Get a real time material inventory without manual data entry of tickets
  • Automatically reconcile invoices from quarries and trucking companies for raw materials

  • Integrate ticket and invoice data into plant operation and accounting software

Gather truck insights to control costs

  • Know exactly how long it takes for trucks to unload at the paver with our geofences that automatically move when the paver moves

  • Precisely adjust the number of trucks you need for your paving job using real time insights on trip times

  • Automatically notify the paving crew that a truck is on the way


Trusted by leading asphalt producers

Ruckit for Asphalt
The future of asphalt logistics is here

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Watch a DemoBook a Demo

Stay ahead of DOT compliance

  • Integrated DOT compliance data

  • Keep a history of where every inch of road came from, and what truck was responsible

  • Reduce thermal segregation and increase quality and longevity of pavement

  • Monitor usage of DOT approved routes

This Is Everything!

Minimal hardware to install and maintain

Extend the value of Ruckit with TicketPro

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Integrate Asphalt Transport with Production & Loadout

  • Easily communicate with customers and vendors
  • Streamline throughput at plant