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Companies are recognizing that the old ways of working are no longer aligned with the new rules for success. Digital transformation gives the ability to make smarter decisions faster and delivers an enhanced customer experience profitably.




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“One of the beauties of BuildIt is that there’s no manual ticket entry. Everything’s automated on the fly on a minute by minute basis. Plus, there’s no risk of loss. They’re just all in the system automatically. As soon as the truck leaves the plant.”

Superintendent, Top 5 Global Contractor


Supplier Network and Ticket Integration


Electronic proof of delivery and tracking time sheets


Job cost tracking and analysis


Order and ticket management


Automated invoice reconciliation


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For critical jobsite data



Material Tickets on the Network


in Costs Tracked


Cost Savings Estimated


Material Tickets Generated Annually in North America Alone


Worth of Material Deliveries Being Made Annually in North America Alone


Potential Savings Annually in the Market in North America

It’s no secret that digitizing paper and automating processes has the potential to capture millions of dollars in savings. When your project's paper tickets are digitized, you optimize your materials supply chain. You, your suppliers, and your haulers have a single version of the truth with real-time ticket data. Track critical job costing information on a daily basis. Collaborate with your supply chain partners to optimize planning, production, and payment processes.

See how much you can transform your bottom line.


DFW Connector Texas – $1.02B

Designed and constructed by Northgate Constructors, a conjunction of Fort Worth-based Kiewit Texas Constuction, L.P. and San Antonio-based Zachary Construction Corporation.


Improve efficiencies by integrating all ends of the supply chain.


Maximized efficiency in aggregate and trucking operations through digitization resulting in $3.6M in cost savings.

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When manually entering tickets, you can spend anywhere from an hour to two a day. The advantage of BuildIt is that there’s no risk of loss. The information is in the system automatically as soon as the truck leaves the plant.”

-Structure General Superintendent

Top 10 Nonresidental Contractor

EBOOK: Transforming the Construction Materials Supply Chain

Currently, 1 million supply chain materials delivery tickets are created for the Heavy Building Materials industry per day in the US and Canada. That’s a lot of paper!

Luckily, the construction revolution is here – and it’s paperless!

Say Goodbye, Paper!

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