The CONNEX Platform For Heavy Building Materials Suppliers, Haulers, and Buyers

"When we work together, we accomplish more than we do on our own."

Chris Strickland | VP of Products

What is The CONNEX Platform?

CONNEX is a secure, cloud-based technology platform that links people and processes outside of their own four walls, delivering insight into every aspect of the supply chain to all construction materials suppliers, haulers, and buyers – at plants, in quarries, on the road, and at the jobsite.


Take your supply chain processes out of the dark ages by eliminating paper, automating workflows, and capturing real-time information, not only within your operations, but for all of your daily transactions with your material vendors, haulers, and/or buyers.


Use the power of the platform to electronically exchange orders, tickets, invoices, and information with all of your construction materials partners and customers. Execute transactions for all of your heavy materials – cement, rock, admixtures, ready mix, asphalt, liquids – and with all of your vendors or customers – on one platform!


With all of your transaction data in one location, unleash operational and financial insights at an entirely new level. Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations allow you and your trading partners to act with speed and confidence to mitigate disruptions and make impactful business decisions.


Look beyond your four walls with a platform approach that allows you to digitize your supply chain experience and work collaboratively with all of your trading partners. One platform for all of your supply chain partners and for all of types of heavy building materials!

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    Physical Layer

    The construction materials community involves plants, quarries, jobsites, and the transportation of materials from point A to point B.  Think about all of the data that’s captured while you’re out in the field – that is what the physical layer of CONNEX is all about.

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    It’s technology that’s digitally enabling all of the data that is captured inside your operations, on your jobsites, and across your fleets to be shared in a common, cloud-based environment. Our connectivity layer is where that data comes together.

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    Every stakeholder in the heavy materials ecosystem has operational and financial processes that benefit from automation. The collaborative nature of the CONNEX Platform enables all stakeholders to expand upon the transactions created in their daily systems by working digitally with one another to create transparency, mitigate risk, and foster beneficial value.

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    The insights layer is the icing on the cake. With the data from materials suppliers, haulers, and buyers all on one platform, CONNEX goes to work slicing and dicing information into dashboards and drill-downs that let you look at your operational and financial performance in entirely new ways. There are no limits to how you can analyze, compare, and predict your way to better decision-making.



Embrace digital collaboration and work more efficiently with your trading partners. The CONNEX Platform provides tailored experiences for the operational needs of all your users, connectivity to empower data, analytics to help you manage by exception, and actionable intelligence for improved decision-making.

I would recommend CONNEX to anyone in this industry. Use it! Especially if you are the least bit busy!

Casey Lawson | Sensible Concrete


Bring Your Supply Chain Community Together


Material Tickets Digitized


Companies CONNEX Connected

CONNEX Partners & Integrations

Industry leading technology providers that deliver value to the heavy work community are joining us in our digital collaboration journey. We are currently integrating with these providers and continue to build our network of partners and integrators to maximize cross platform effectiveness and streamline digital workflows for your projects and organizations.

A Deeper Dive into the Value of CONNEX

How can CONNEX help you in your daily transactions with your trading partners – your materials suppliers, haulers, and buyers?

We were amazed at how quickly we had customers on board. Within a day we had five customers on, and the process was painless. Every customer that I’ve spoken with so far loves it!

Linda Coleman | NEBCO


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