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Enterprise Bundles Priced Per Ticket
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Bulk, Ready Mix & Mobile Bundles

Replace complexity and capital expenditures with subscription pricing models that bundle the value of our ticketing and dispatch systems with business intelligence, quality control, and mobility solutions.

Unlimited Usage

Bundles include Trucks, Locations, Users and Volume on an unlimited basis.


Simplified Licensing

Eliminate tedious processes for adding users and licenses and renewing contracts.


No Capital Expenditures

Subscribe to monthly payments based on ticket volumes.


Flexible & Scalable

Grow across locations and markets with agility and ease.



Tickets are the ties that bind our industry
– our Universal Unit of Measure.

Shared by materials suppliers, haulers and buyers, project owners and inspectors, and handled by team members across the supply chain, tickets are a consistent measure of volume, performance, and productivity.

Bulk Materials Enterprise Bundle for Apex

Apex + COMMANDperformance to maximize site throughput, visibility, and improve decision making with unlimited locations, users, and trucks/loads.

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Ready Mix Enterprise Bundle for COMMANDseries

COMMANDseries + COMMANDqc + COMMANDperformance bundled up for maximum value with unlimited locations, users, volume, trucks/loads.

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Ready Mix Enterprise Bundle for Integra

Integra + COMMANDqc + COMMANDperformance delivers order fulfillment, quality control and business intelligence with unlimited locations, users, volume, trucks/loads.

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Mobile Enterprise Bundle

MOBILEsales + MOBILEticket + MOBILEjobsite + MOBILEcommerce to drive visibility, mobility, and performance for your sales team, you delivery processes and your customer experience.

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How do Per Ticket Bundles relate to CONNEX?

Learn how simple it is to move to a per ticket model that opens the door to an entirely new way of doing business with Command Alkon and with your trading partners via the CONNEX Platform.


Take your Tickets to the Cloud

A simple connector is installed on your existing ticketing systems to move your ticket data to the cloud.  This is the beginning of a fuller journey to the CONNEX platform and it’s benefits.


Access Insights at a New Level

With your ticket data is in the cloud the door is open to a whole new layer of insights that reveal consolidated operational and financial information via CONNEX Workspaces and Insights.

Build a Path to Better Collaboration

Once CONNEX Connected you are positioned to take advantage of the full value of digital collaboration between materials suppliers and buyers.  More about CONNEX . . .


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